Crime Spree Ended – Suspect Attempted To Escape

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department made two arrests Wednesday and may have ended a crime spree.  Sheriff Steve Cox announced they located and arrested 29 year old Linn O Hoskins, III at a location in the Bedford area.  Three deputies and two state troopers found Hoskins in the back of an alleged stolen pick-up.  He was taken into custody and placed in a patrol vehicle.

Linn O Hoskins, III

During the investigation, they located one or more stolen firearms in a home and information on a total of 3 stolen vehicles, 1 of which was later wrecked, and the location of other stolen property including a computer and cell phone.

As they went to secure the weapons, Hoskins reportedly was able to exit the patrol vehicle while in restraints and flee on foot.  He was caught again a short time later and he was placed in additional restraints.  The report states he was attempting to escape those restrains while at the Sheriff’s office.

Hoskins is held at the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail on a Parole Warrant and is being secured as a high-risk escape detainee.  He faces numerous new charges.

Deputies also arrested a 20 year old Chillicothe woman and a report was sent to the prosecutor seeking charges.

Cox says the investigation and arrests helped to solve 3 stolen vehicle cases between Livingston and Carroll County.  A computer, cell phone, firearm and other items were seized as evidence of theft.  Drug(s) and Drug Paraphernalia suspected of being used with Methamphetamine were also seized.

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