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Great Northwest Days At The Capitol

The annual Great Northwest Days at the Capitol are next Tuesday and Wednesday.

As the state legislature is back in session, community leaders from around the region use this event to remind all of the state’s legislators of items that are important to the northwest region of the state.

Great Northwest Day at the Capitol is an opportunity to raise awareness of Northwest and features an introduction on the House and Senate floors, a regional luncheon, informative round-tables and an educational breakfast. The new Luau theme for the main event on Tuesday night provides an opportunity for community representatives to promote their communities to legislators and others who are invited to attend.

One of the many strengths of Great Northwest Day at the Capitol is how the steering committee collects and prioritizes issues and concerns that impact the entire northwest region. The Great Northwest Day committee works hard to listen to all in the region and find out priorities that benefit the region as a whole, and this year’s priorities include:

  • Caring for our Youngest Citizen’s
  • Aligning to Educate and Advance Our Workforce
  • Rural High-Speed Broadband Access and Affordability
  • Safer Roads and Bridges
  • Wind Energy and Large Water Projects