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Chillicothe Police Report For Monday

The Chillicothe Police Department report for Monday includes several well being checks and a couple investigations.

At about 12:20 am, a commercial alarm sounded in the 500 block of Business 36.  Officers checked the building and were unable to locate the cause of the activation.  The building was secure.

At 3:00 am, Officers performed a well-being check on three people that were walking in the area of Cherry and Third Streets.  They were OK, just walking home.

3:00 am, Officers performed a well-being check on a person near Clay and Locust Streets.  That person was found to be OK.

3:15 am, suspicious activity was checked in the 700 block of Elm Street.

8:10 am, Officers received a report of a burglary and theft at a home in the 10 block of 11th Street.  The investigation continues.

10:05 am, Officer checked the well-being of a person at the restroom by the playground in Simpson Park.  The person was given a ride to the 900 block of Webster Street.

10:30 pm, another well-being check was made on a person walking in the area of Clay and Dickinson Street.  The person was OK.

10:45 pm, Officer checked a reported noise complaint in the 100 block of Webster Street.  A person at the location was contacted and advised of the complaint and advised to stop the noise.