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Grain Bin Safety is an aspect of farming that all too often doesn’t get a second thought.  The Missouri Department of Agriculture is reminding farmers that grain bin safety is as important in the spring as in the fall and this week is Grain Bin Safety Week

A farmer has less than four seconds to escape a grain bin if an auger is operating. That’s one reason why grain bin safety is of utmost importance.

According to researchers at Purdue University, more than 900 cases of grain engulfment have been reported with a fatality rate of 62 percent in the past 50 years. In 2010, at least 26 US workers were killed in grain engulfment accidents − the highest number on record.

The Department urges farmers and ranchers to educate themselves and their employees on the importance of grain bin safety.

Grain Bin Safety Tips include:

  1. Lockout unloading equipment before entering
  2. Do not enter bins alone or without an observer
  3. Wear a safety harness and secure a lifeline
  4. Wear a dust mask or respirator
  5. Attempt to break up grain without entering bins
  6. Take your time and use common sense
  7. Avoid loose-fitting or torn clothing while working with equipment