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Lt Governor Kehoe Visits Chillicothe For State Bridge Initiative

Lt. Gov Mike Kehoe

Two bridges in Chillicothe are part of Governor Parson’s Focus on Bridges project to rehab or replace 250 of the bridges in the state of Missouri that are in Poor Condition.  Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe was in Chillicothe Monday to inspect the US 65 bridge over the Grand River and picked up a chunk of concrete that was found under the bridge.  The told the crowd gathered it was one of many under the bridge and an example of why the bridge is on the list of 250 to be accelerated for rehab.  Kehoe says this initiative will allow MoDOT to catch-up a bit on the bridge projects.

Because US 65 is such a vital route for Chillicothe and for the State of Missouri, they plan is to rehab in two stages.

MoDOT Deputy Director and Chief Engineer Ed Hassinger says the rehabilitated bridge will be about 4 feet wider and because they will do one side of the bridge at a time, the project will likely take two seasons to complete.

The second bridge in the area that will be done at the same time is the Thompson River Bridge on 190.  Both bridges were built in 1965.  Hassinger says the Grand River Bridge has been rehabbed in the past, but the Thompson River Bridge has not.  Under the program, work on both bridges will begin in 2020.


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