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Severe Weather Awareness Week – Tornado Awareness

Tornadoes can happen at just about any time of the year, if the conditions are right.  Today is Tornado Awareness Day and the National Weather service will conduct a Tornado Drill this morning to remind you of the warnings you will receive if an actual Tornado Warning is issued.

Meteorologist Jared Leighton says the National Weather Service issues Tornado Watches and Warnings and they are very different.

During a watch, you need to be aware of weather conditions and make plans to take cover is a warning is issued.

Leighton says a Tornado Warning is a call to action.

Leighton says if you are in a vehicle and a Tornado Warning is issued for the area you are driving through, you have a couple options.

Take time today to consider what actions you would take if there were a Tornado Warning.  Consider what you would do at work, on the road and at home.  Talk about those plans with coworkers and family members.  Being prepared can save your life.