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Three Fire Calls – False Alarms

Chillicothe Fire Fighters responded to a report of a fire at Cloverleaf Cold Storage in Chillicothe Wednesday at about 1:10 pm on what turned out to be a false alarm.  The call was on a report of a structure fire, where the person making the report stated the building was on fire and hung up.  The fire crew arrived in about five minutes to find no sign of fire.  They spoke with employees who stated they had no activated alarms or reports from the employees.  The fire crew returned to service after about two minutes on the scene.

At about 8:20 pm, Firefighters were again called to Cloverleaf Cold Storage for a fire.  This was a second false alarm at that location.

At about 11:55, Fire Fighters were dispatched to a report of a truck fire in the 1000 block of Graves Street.  The call was another false alarm.

Chillicothe Police are investigated the calls for making false reports and misuse of the 911 system..