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Livingston County Sheriff’s Department Investigations and Arrests

Two arrests and a few investigations are in the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department report.

February 27th a vehicle going the wrong direction on a highway resulted in the arrest of 29 year old Bryce Mitchell Ross of Memphis, MO was charged with alleged driving without a valid driver’s license.  Ross was also arrested on a Scottland County warrant.

March 6th deputies arrested 43 year old Brandi L. Glosser of Chula at the Livingston County Courthouse.  The arrest was on a Livingston County warrant for alleged violation of bond conditions from an original charge of alleged Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

Investigations in the report include:

March 4th the deputies investigated a report of a squatter in a vacant rental home on E. Polk, outside the Chillicothe city limits. They found the person had left through a window. The home was cleared and secured by the landlord.

March 4th, trash dumping on Liv 230 resulted in two people cited and instructed to clean and properly dispose of their bags of trash.

March 7th, deputies investigated a shooting accident that happened the day before, west of Chillicothe.  The Chillicothe man was buying a semi-auto handgun from a relative and went into the country to test fire the handgun prior to purchasing the weapon. During the test fire there was a problem with a round in the chamber.  The man attempted to chamber another round when the handgun accidently fired. The man had his hand injured and the handgun was destroyed during the incident.