Knox Box Grant Aids Those Aging In Place

The Livingston County Health Center’s Aging In Place is the recipient of a grant to install 10 Knox Boxes.  A Knox-Box, known officially as the KNOX-BOX Rapid Entry System, is a small, wall-mounted safe that holds keys for fire departments, emergency medical services, and sometimes police to retrieve in emergency situations.

On Tuesday, The Chillicothe Fire Department installed two Knox Boxes at homes in Chillicothe.  The recipients applied to the Health Center to be considered for the boxes.  Faye Posey is one of the recipients and says it gives her peace of mind.

The boxes are installed by the Chillicothe Fire Department and become the property of the department.  When the Knox Box is no longer needed at the location it was installed, they can be used at another location.

The grant funds were approved by the Livingston County Senior Citizen Tax Fund.  They also approved funds for installing 50 911 Rural Location signs on posts for residents 60 and older.  Contact the Livingston County Health Center at 646-5506.

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