Chillicothe Firefighters Respond To Home Fire

A call for a possible house fire at 93 11th Street Saturday afternoon, summoned Chillicothe Firefighters.  The call came in about 3:20 pm and the fire crew arrived in about 3 minutes.

Chillicothe Police took the report of smoke coming from the roof and a popping noise in an electric panel.  A man at the home let the firefighters in the house.  They checked the electric panel in the home and found no problems

They checked the meter box outside and found a haze around the box and pipe for the electric lines.  The thermal imaging camera showed the area was very hot.

The fire crew pulled the meter and began removing soffit around the meter pipe and found where it had begun to burn.

CMU Electric department was called to the scene; they disconnected the electric service.  The fire crew removed some of the shingles to look for hot spots. Found areas where wires were melted and burned in the box.  The resident was advised to call an electrician for repairs.  The fire crew was on the scene for about 10 minutes.

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