Water, Water, Everywhere… Flooding Continues!

Major and Moderate flooding continues on the Grand River.

At Chillicothe, the river is on the rise again after a brief drop overnight.  The latest reading is 37.75 and rising to a crest of 39.1 tonight.  That crest will be just short of the 1993 record of 39.6 feet.  Flooding is expected to continue into Sunday morning.

At Pattonsburg, The river has reached the expected crest of 36.26 feet.  Major flooding continues and the flooding is expected to last until Saturday morning.

At Gallatin, Moderate flooding continues and the river is expected to crest at 38.4 feet.  The latest reading is 38.24 feet.  Flooding will continue until Saturday morning.

At Sumner, the river continues to rise and major flooding is occurring. A crest of 41.9 feet is expected Friday morning.  The reading was 41.48 feet.  Flooding will continue well into next week.

At Brunswick, moderate flooding continues, with a reading this morning at 31.7 feet.  A crest of 33.3 feet is expected Saturday, with flooding expected to continue well into next week.

On the Thompson River at Trenton, the river crested Wednesday at 34.38 feet and is dropping quickly.  At 10 am, the river was at 29.59 feet and is expected to drop below flood stage of 27 feet early this afternoon.

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