Police…an Animal’s Best Friend

Animal incidents were a part of the day Tuesday for the Chillicothe Police Department.
Officers responded to a dog complaint in the 1200 block of Walnut. The owner was warned about the animal.
A report of a dog running loose in an alley of the 700 block of Washington Street and trying to bite a subject. The animal was caught and Animal Control notified.
A dog was reported running loose in the 700 block of Elm. It was captured and taken to the animal shelter.
An officer spoke with an out-of -county medical facility with questions about a cat scratch/bite incident.
Other police calls included a call to the 1200 block of Third Street on a report of an individual threatening to inflict self harm. The subject was transported to the hospital for medical assistance and later transferred to a facility in St Joseph.
Officers arrested a subject at the police station after they turned themselves in. The subject was transported to the Daviess/DeKalb County Regional Jail.

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