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Boys 10 and under
Shoop Custom Solutions over Walmart 12-1
For Shoop Custom Solutions: Bryson Shoop was pitching and had a home run. Jayden Martin with a single
For Walmart Statler Wiebers and Lucas Chrisman were pitching. No hits were listed for the team

Chillicothe Elks over Peery’s Tow and Repair 8-0
For the Elks: Kayden Hand was pitching. Singles for Colin Urton, Isaac Bailey, Owen Shouse-Wimbush, Kayden Hand, Carter Corona, Henry Hurtgen and Maddox Bevelle
For Peery’s Tow and Repair: Brody Hollifield was pitching. Gabriel Hind had a single

Shoop Custom Solutions won the championship over Elks 14-0
For Shoop Custom Solutions, Bryson Shoop was the pitcher, had a home run, double and single. Singles for Lyam Myers, Jaden Martin, Landon Ruppel and Brett Ferguson.
For the Elks: Isaac Bailey and Maddox Bevelle were pitching. Kayden Hand had a single.

Girls 12 and Under championship game
Investor’s Bank over Woody’s Automotive 15-0.
For Investors: Jaden Rodenberg was pitching. Triple for Macie Albrecht, double for Charlie Peniston, singles for Jocelyn Albrecht, Kylie Link, Harlee Beck, Jaden Rodenberg, Macie Albrecht, Macee Rodenberg, Charlie Peniston, Riley Manning and Emerson Staton.
For Woody’s Emerie Kale and Aubrey Moss were pitching. Singles by Charlie Roberts and Grace Mouton.

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