Chillicothe Area Christian Builders Orientation

The Chillicothe Area Christian Builders will hold their orientation meeting for families that would like to partner to become the next home owner through the program.  Brenda Wright is the Vice Presidnet of the Chillicothe Area Christian Builders and says the orientation is Monday, September 9th at 6:00 pm.  Wright explains the application process that starts with the orientation.

The family selected for the home will purchase the home, making the payments to the Chillicothe Area Christian Builders, which allows them to continue the process of helping others.

Wright says the family is expected to provide sweat equity in the project.  She says that does not mean they have to be builders to participate.

To be considered and get the application, you MUST attent the orientation meeting on Monday.  If you have questions, you can check on Facebook, search Chillicothe Area Christian Builders or you can call 247-3143.

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