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IRS Extension Deadline Is October 15th

When tax time came around April 15th, did you file for an extension?  If so, that deadline is rapidly approaching.  The IRS says October 15th is the extension deadline, and even though you still have a little time, you can file that federal tax return anytime before that date.

If you did not file for the extension back in April and did not file a return, The IRS says you can generally avoid additional penalties and interest by filing the return as soon as possible and paying the amount owed.

The IRS reminds you it is still possible to file electronically.  The IRS Free File program is still available through October 15th.

Filing electronically is easy, safe and the most accurate way to file taxes.

If you have questions about IRS filing and the deadlines, contact your tax professional or call 800-829-1040 or go to IRS.GOV.

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