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A Speeding Charge Turns To Fraud Charges And More

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department reports a stop for speeding on Sunday resulted in an investigation and additional charges.

Sunday a deputy stopped a speeding vehicle on US 36 for 18 over the speed limit. The officer smelled suspected marijuana upon approaching the vehicle. The woman driver did not have identification with her and seemed happy to provide her name and personal identifiers.

A citation was issued for the speeding and the person was carefully explained the ticket and signed it under the name she had given the deputy. The driver claimed there was no marijuana in the vehicle and a resulting search revealed drug paraphernalia and a small quantity of high-grade marijuana.

During this week, further investigation determined the person lied to officers about her actual legal name and discovered her actual identity.  The correct person has a lengthy driving record and allegedly committed a felony of Driving While Revoked/Suspended due to the number of prior convictions.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department is submitting a report to the prosecuting attorney for consideration of a warrant on the alleged felony driving revoked/suspended crime, Forgery violation and drug equipment violation.

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