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Chillicothe City Council To Consider Ballot Language For Sales Tax Increase

The Chillicothe City Council has a finance workshop and regular session Monday.

The finance session will start at 5:30 pm in the conference room at City Hall.

At 6:30, the Council meets in regular session in Council Chambers.

That agenda includes:

A change order for the Cowgill and Walnut Street Projects

A request for funds for the Grand River Multi-Purporse Center.

The annual report and request for funding from MainStreet.

An ordinance will be presented to put the general sales tax increase of ¼ of 1% to support the police department on the April 7th Ballot.

A recommendation will be made by the mayor to reappoint Pam Clingerman to the  Historic Preservation Commission for a 3 year term.

There will be a discussion on a proposal for opting out of the city health insurance.

And an ordinance will be presented on the increasing of the speed limit on Washington street, south of 1st Street to 35 mph.

There is no executive session planned after the meeting.