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Technology Is An Everyday Tool For Chillicothe Police

Law enforcement today requires more technology, and the knowledge to use that technology.  The Chillicothe Police Department has done a good job of utilizing funds provided by the City and grant funding to purchase and update the technology used by their department.  Officer Cody Dysart spoke with KCHI recently about the technology they use almost every day on their job.  He says radios are a common part of the list of tools they use.

He says cameras are used in many ways and the digital cameras help them when taking photos at a crime scene.

He says other technology includes computers in the cars that reduce the workload on the dispatchers and allow them to handle some tasks themselves.


Chief Jon Maples says those computers in the cars also allows the officers to spend more time in the field, where they make contact with the public and increase the visibility and presence in the community.


Officer Dysart will talk more about modern technology and how it is used in the police department in this week’s Cop Talk, Thursday at 12:45 and Sunday at 12:15 pm.

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