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Become An Amateur (Ham) Radio Operator

Amateur Radio, or Ham Radio as it is also known, is a hobby that had been around for many years.  It allows individuals to communicate across town, across the state and even around the world.  You may say you can do that with your cell phone and the internet, but can you do that if the power goes out?  Amateur radios are often battery-powered or can be hooked to a generator and because they don’t depend on other services, they are often a source of communication during disasters, like hurricanes, tornadoes or other disaster situations, and can even aid local officials with communication.

So how do you become an amateur radio operator?  First, you need a license issued by the FCC.  The Grundy County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Grundy County Emergency Management, and the North Central Missouri Amateur Radio Club are offering an amateur radio beginners course.  The course is March 7th and 14th will teach basic amateur radio knowledge and provide the information needed to pass the Federal Communications Commission Amateur Radio License test that will be offered at the end of the program.  The course is offered at no charge, but there is a charge for the testing and if you would like a printed copy of the manual, they will have then available as well for a nominal fee.

Anyone interested in the course should email Grundy County Emergency Management Director Glen Briggs at