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Chillicothe R-II April Levy Information – Part 2

A levy increase of 68 cents per $100 valuation has been requested by the Chillicothe R-II School District and in April, voters in the District will cast their ballot to make that decision.  KCHI recently sat down with Superintendent Dan Wiebers, who talked about the levy request.  Wiebers says the School District’s current tax rate is $4.716 per $100 valuation.  He says that is the lowest of the comparable school district.

Wiebers explains what the total levy would be if it is approved by the voters

So what does this mean to the average homeowner?  If you have a $100,000 home your assessed valuation is 19% or $19,000, that is the amount you pay the taxes on.   Currently, you pay $896.04, the increase would be $129.20 or a total of $1,025.24.

For a farm, the assessed valuation is 12% of the appraised value.

Some have asked what the district is doing NOW to reduce the expenditures and improve revenues.  Mr. Wiebers will talk about those topics as we continue this discussion Friday afternoon.