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COVID-19: Continued Information From The Livingston Co. Health Center

The Livingston County Health Center in a recent posting reminds us all to take the COVID-19 / CoronaVirus seriously and practice social distancing and good sanitizing measures, including handwashing and refraining from touching our face.

The Health Center would like to remind the public that while COVID19 is most definitely a real public health threat, there are currently no local cases and the immediate risk to the general population is low. However, now is the ideal time to plan and prepare for the potential of a heightened public health threat. The virus may be novel, but the best way to prepare is not new and the recommended prevention strategies have proven successful in slowing the spread of disease. The benefits are greatest if interventions such as social distancing are introduced early (before 1% of the population is infected) and maintained until the threat subsides.

The latest data indicates that 80 percent of people who contract COVID19 will experience mild, cold-like symptoms. If you are having mild symptoms and want to see medical treatment, we encourage you to call your regular doctor for guidance, as you would for a typical flu-like illness. Those experiencing mild symptoms only should avoid visiting the Emergency Department or calling 911 in order to save those resources for the critically ill and emergencies.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has set up a 24-Hour Missouri Novel Coronavirus Information Hotline staffed by medical professionals to answer your questions about COVID19. You can access the hotline at 1- 877-435-8411.