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Weekend Chillicothe Police Report

The Chillicothe Police Report for the weekend included a variety of calls including for wind damage at a couple of locations.


2:41 PM, Officers responded to the 500 block of Washington for found property.  Property was taken to the Police Department until an owner can be found.

9:23 PM. Officers responded to the 400 block of Walnut for a noise complaint. Officers advised the subjects to stop revving the motors on the ATV’s.


10:47 am, Made a well-being check of a young child in the 200 block of Bridge Street.  Officers made contact and the subject appears to be fine.

11:11 am, Officers out in the 1700 block of Maple Street on an investigation.  Determined to be a property dispute.  No charges pursued.  No report.

1:11 pm, Officers responded to a parking lot in the 1200 block of N. Washington Street in reference to a vehicle accident.  Minor damage inflicted and owners exchanged information.

1:42 pm, Officers checking tree that fell in the 1400 block of Walnut Street.  The tree took down phone lines and was partially in the roadway.

1:51 pm, Officer speaking with subject reference theft of a relative’s tools from the 10 block of Walnut Street.  Officer awaiting a call from the actual victim for more detail.

4:09 pm, Officer was contacted at the PD in reference damage and entry to his rented storage unit in the 200 block of McCormick Street.

9:13pm, Officer responded to a residence at the request of Supervision Services of the Livingston County Court to check for the presence of a subject under conditional release.  The subject was at the residence as required.  Supervision Services was advised.

9:26 pm, Officer checking North Gate of the City refuse property on Mitchell Avenue.  Appears that a gate post has deteriorated and with the locally strong winds, has fallen.

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