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Open Burning In Chillicothe

As the weather warms and you begin to clean-up around your yard, the Chillicothe Police Department reminds you of the rules for burning in the community.  Before burning check with the fire department to see if there are any burn bans in place and check the weather to determine if the wind will be a problem.

There are restrictions that have to be followed when open-burning.  They include:

Only Natural/Organic Debris, smaller tree limbs and leaves….

NO TRASH or manufactured or treated lumber

The fire needs to be a safe distance from all structures, even if in a barrel!

Someone must be monitoring the fire with a viable means of extinguishing the fire, if it should be necessary.


For specific regulations and to check the possibility of “No Burn Orders” in effect, please contact the Department of Emergency Services at 646-2139.

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