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Sheriff Cox On Returning His Office To Normal Operations

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox says the Sheriff’s Department will begin the return to normal operation, with doors open to the public on MAY 18th.  Cox says they are simply following the timeframe with the local Court rules regarding certain court procedures.

Cox says they will NOT be fingerprinting for the public, applicants, new CCW permits, or other civilian fingerprint requests until a future date yet to be determined.

He says they will be accepting appointments for CCW renewals (only) beginning May 18th.

Registered Sex Offenders will begin reporting in-person at the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department beginning June 1st.  The mail-in procedures still apply through May.

Cox says if you need deputies to respond, you are still very welcome to call dispatch 646-2121, our office at 660-646-0515.

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