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COVID-19 Numbers Reported By County of Residence

The states of Missouri shows Livingston County has had THREE COVID-19 cases, yet there was no new case of someone sick in the county.  The Livingston County Health center explains, this person, who resides in Livingston, contracted the virus in another county and recovered in another county, so had been listed under that county to this point.

The State of Missouri counts the cases by the resident location, not the location where they were infected and/or treated.

Director Sherry Weldon says as of Tuesday, there were three cases of COVID-19 for Livingston County and all three recovered.

Looking at the number of positives and deaths in the surrounding counties:

Caldwell:              3/0

Carroll:                 2/0

Chariton:              5/0

Daviess:              3/0

Grundy:               0

Linn:                    5/1

Livingston            3/0

Sullivan:               1/0



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