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MDC Urges Nature Lovers To Grab A Trash Bag

If you are heading into the woods or down near a pond or stream, the Missouri Department of Conservation is asking you to take a bag along to pick up some of the trash you find.

Morel hunter may stumble across an aluminum can on a wooded hillside. Anglers may see a wad of tangled fishing line on the lakeshore. Hikers enjoy sights along a pristine natural path, until, they pass by cellophane snack wrappers lying among the wildflowers.

Somebody else’s trash has been left behind, dampening your outdoor experience.  The managers for the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) public lands find removing litter an ongoing challenge.

Trash in nature is harmful to wildlife and is discouraging for outdoors-loving folks.  The public can lend a helping hand, and in doing so boost conservation in their favorite places.   The MDC says just a small trash sack as part of the gear and picking up a few items encountered when you’re outdoors can be a big help to others.


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