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Hamilton Woman Bowls 300 Game

When she was 13 years old, Judy Strukel picked up her first bowling ball. On Monday at a league game in Chillicothe, 67 years later, the Hamilton resident bowled her first 300 game.
She said she didn’t get nervous until the final frames.

Strukel said prior to Monday, her best score was a 279 when she had five strikes in a row, then a spare then finished with all strikes.
She offered a tip for those wishing to improve their score. Keep your arm straight, don’t bend it or turn your hand out.
She stated that while she picked up her first bowling ball 67 years ago, she has been bowling in earnest since 1998, when she lived in California.
At the age of 80, she is proof you are never too old to accomplish great things in life.

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