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DNR Approves Operating Permit For Livingston County CAFO

A company wanting to operate a large hog operation in the northwest part of Livingston County is another step closer to approval.  United Hog Systems, LLC Z-8 Sow Farm received the operating approval from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources of DNR.  Livingston County Commissioner Ed Douglas released this statement about the letter.

The County Commission has not issued a permit from the Commission pending a review of DNR’s work by an engineer hired by our County Commission and pending a public hearing relating to the question does the application meet the requirements of the County’s Health Ordinance as allowed under State law as applicable by Senate Bill 391.

Senate Bill 391 says the counties may have a health ordinance, but may not enforce requirements that more strict than those of the DNR.

Much of the letter from the DNR, includes responses to comments and concerns about groundwater usage, water quality, risks of groundwater contamination, manure, odor control, and several other topics.