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Grundy County Results For Tuesday’s Election

Grundy County had a voter turnout of 10.9% Tuesday.

For the City of Trenton races:

1st Ward Council – Kevin Klininsmith

2nd Ward Council – Marvin Humphreys

3rd Ward Council – David MLika

4th Ward Council – Duane Urich

Trenton’s Motel Tax was approved by the voters 247 yes to 107 no.

For The Trenton R-9 School Board

Corey Leeper, Brandon Gibler, and Andy Burress

Spickard School Board  (Grundy County Votes)

Chelsea White – 33, Charles Holtzclaw – 29, and Roger Bonnett – 14

City of Laredo

Mayor – Carol Holloway

Alderman At Large – Helen Golden and Bruce McFie

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