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Chilli Bay Thriving Amid COVID-19

Chilli Bay Water Park opened for the season on Memorial Day and Chillicothe City Administrator Darin Chappell says since the opening they have been busy, but there has also been Criticism about opening a public facility amid concerns for COVID-19.  Chappell says plans to open continued even after the first announcements of the pandemic.

Chappell says they do take precautions to help protect the employees and the public.

He says lifeguards can not wear the PPE masks.  They are sanitizing all touch surfaces on an hourly basis and they also remind the patrons about the social distancing responsibilities.

Chappell says despite COVID-19, they have been busy and doing well compared to an average year.

If you have concerns about Chilli Bay and COVID-19, contact the City Administrator at City Hall.  The number is 646-2424.

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