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Theft From Vehicles

Chillicothe Police Officers responded to several reports of vehicle break-ins Friday, where property was stolen.  The incidents occurred in the 1100 to 1200 block of Calhoun, 900 block of Dickinson, 900 block of Vine Street, and in between those locations.   The Chillicothe Police Department discovered a time frame of Thursday at 11:00 PM to Friday at 2:00 AM.

The police believe there is a group of three individuals being viewed on surveillance cameras in the area.  They have found several items that were discarded. The investigation continues.

If you have any information in reference to these crimes, please contact the Chillicothe Police Department with any information.

The Chillicothe Police ask you to “Remember the 9 PM routine.”

LOCK UP your car, house, windows, garage, gates, shed

TURN ON exterior lights, security cameras, alarm systems

BRING IN valuables from your car, yard, patio

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