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It may be the middle of Summer, but before long, the fall hunting seasons will be here.  The Missouri Department of Conservation is offering Hunter Education Courses.  These courses are available to and required for those hunting in Missouri during a firearms season.  It is also needed by those acting as an adult mentor to another hunter.  The Missouri Department of Conservation says there are some exemptions.  They include:

  • Hunters age 15 years or younger who will be hunting with an adult mentor age 18 years or older who is certified in hunter education or exempt.
  • Hunters born before Jan. 1, 1967.
  • Hunters with a disability exemption from MDC.
  • Hunters age 16 years or older who have purchased an Apprentice Hunter Authorization and will be hunting with a properly permitted adult mentor age 18 years or older.
  • Hunters who are landowners hunting on land they own.
  • Hunters who can prove completion of an approved hunter-education course in another state.

The MDC says you have two options for the Hunter Education Course, a Blended Format and an All-Online Format.

The Blended Format has two parts. The knowledge portion provides information to participants on all aspects of hunter education and can be taken online, through a free self-study guide, or in a classroom setting. Participants must also complete a four-hour skills session that includes a multiple-choice final exam. The skills portion is a hands-on demonstration of skills learned by participants. Participants must complete and pass both portions to earn certification.

The All-Online Format may be completed by Missouri residents 16 years of age and older. It consists of an online course and requires a fee paid to the online course provider. The All Online option requires the passing of a final exam but has no skills portion.

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