This Is Primary Election Day

This is Primary Election Day.  Livingston County voters will have an opportunity to narrow some of the races that will be decided in November and in some cases, will decide races where the candidates are all within a single party.  As this is a primary, you will need to select a ballot for one of the available parties; Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green and Constitution parties.

On all of the ballots is a state issue on amending the constitution to expand Medicaid.

Many of the ballots have candidates for various state and county offices.

There is also a ballot for those that live within the proposed Chillicothe Fire Protection District.  That ballot has three questions, including the creation of the Fire District, a tax to pay for the district, and selecting board members.

County races on the ballots include: Eastern District Commissioner, Western District Commissioner, Sheriff, Assessor, Collector-Treasurer, Public Administrator, and Coroner.

As you cast your ballot today, allow some extra time and remember your mask.  They are practicing social distancing.  Turnout for Livingston County is expected at around 40-45%.

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