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State Of Missouri To Change How COVID-19 Cases Are Counted

The number of reported cases of COVID-19 in Livingston County could take a dramatic jump soon, but this is not due to any type of major outbreak.  Ann Burchette from the Livingston County Health Center reports the state will soon include the number of cases from the Correction Centers into the numbers for the counties where the Correction Centers are located.  The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services is using a new system for managing COVID-19 data called EpiTrax, and inmates at the Chillicothe Correctional Center will now be included in daily count numbers, and on the DHSS Dashboard.

Currently, Livingston county has 68 cases, with 3 active and 65 recovered and 1 death.

The Department of Corrections shows the Chillicothe Correction Center has 240 offender cases, with 43 active and 197 recovered.  The staff cases are listed as 24 cases, 5 active and 19 recovered.

The staff numbers would not be added to the county total because they are already included in the county where the person resides.

If the correction cases and Livingston County cases were combines, the current totals would be:  308 Cases, 46 active, 262 recovered, and 1 death.


Looking at the number of cases around the area.

Cases   Deaths

Caldwell…… 39……. 1

Carroll……. 107

Chariton…… 22

Daviess……. 19

Grundy…….. 32……. 1

Linn…………. 43……. 1

Livingston…. 68……. 1

Sullivan….. 160