November Election – Key Dates To Remember

The November 3rd election is just over two months away.  For those that plan to vote in the general election, there are a few KEY dates to keep in mind.

If you have never registered to vote and are eligible, or if you have moved since the last election where you cast a ballot, the voter registration deadline is October 7th.  If you are not sure where to register to vote, contact your local election authority.  In Livingston County, that is the County Clerk.  Call 646-8000, x3.

If you plan to vote Absentee, you can vote absentee at the county clerk’s office.  Livingston County Clerk Sherry Parks says if you are unable to come in the courthouse or feel better not interacting with as many people, you can call the courthouse when you arrive and request a ballot be brought to your car.  You will need the appropriate ID and will need to fill out the absentee voting forms.

The final day to vote Absentee will be Monday, November 2nd and the Courthouse will be open on Saturday, October 31st for Absentee voting.

If you would like a Mail-In Ballot, the deadline to request a ballot is 5:00 pm on October 21st.  Ballots should be completed and the envelope notarized so you can return that ballot as soon as possible.  The Secretary of State recommends allowing two weeks for the ballot to be returned to the election authority.  The Mail-In ballots MUST BE returned by US MAIL.

If you have questions about voter registration, requesting ballots, or even where you can cast your ballot, contact your local Election Authority.  In Livingston County Call 646-8000, x3

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