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Same Driver, Same Speed, Different Day

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department stopped the same driver for the same speed two days in a row.  Sheriff Steve Cox says the purpose of a traffic stop is to educate people to drive safely.  He says when a citation is warranted it is a more costly reminder to drive safely.  This driver may not be learning very quickly.

On Saturday, a deputy stopped a silver-colored car traveling west on US 36 east of Chillicothe at 90 in a 65. The Illinois driver was cited for the violation and reported he was moving from Illinois to Kansas City.

Sunday, the deputy stopped a pickup eastbound on US 36 near Chillicothe at 90 in a 65. The vehicle was stopped and it was the same driver.  The driver was in a hurry to get back to Illinois and return again to Missouri.

Cox says the man now two citations for 90 in a 65.