Chillicothe Police Report For Friday

The Chillicothe Police Department report for Friday includes 69 calls for service.

3:51 am, Officers checked a report of suspicious activity at a vacant home in the 400 block of Calhoun Street.  Officers checked and contacted the reporting party.  No report.

2:45 pm, Complaint of kids riding 4-wheelers across people’s property on E. Jackson Street.  Officers made contact with kids and obtained parent information for later contact.

5:00 pm, Report of a person on lawnmower southbound on Washington Street near 600 block of S. Washington Street.  Lawnmowers, ATV’s and UTV are not allowed on Washington Street as it is a Highway and is prohibited by state law.

5:50 pm, Report of lawnmower northbound on Washington Street nearing Ryan Lane.  No lights.  Officer made contact and advised the driver of violations with the mower.  Parked mower and subject transported home.


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