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Dialing Changes Coming For 660 And Other Area Codes

How you make a phone call in the 660 area code will be changing over the next year.  By October of 2021, you will need to dial 10 digits to call a phone within your own community.  The Federal Communications Commission is mandating 10-Digit dialing in area codes that include a local prefix of 988.  The change is necessary to allow for the establishment of “988” as a three-digit code to reach a national suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline.

The Missouri Public Service Commission says “To avoid conflict with the new 988 code, all United States area codes that use a 988 prefix (for example 314-988-xxxx) must move to ten-digit local dialing. In Missouri, the affected area codes are 314, 417, 660, and 816.  Area codes 573 and 636 do not use a 988 NPA prefix and can continue to use seven-digit local dialing.”

Under a plan by the Missouri Public Service Commission, the use of the 10-digit local dialing would begin April 24th of 2021 and would be mandatory by October 24th, 2021.

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