Chillicothe R-II Capital Projects Update

An update was made to the Chillicothe R-II School Board on three projects underway in the district.  Superintendent Dan Wiebers says the biggest of the projects is the new District Office building.

He says donations have allowed the district to add in some items that had been trimmed from the project to save money.  These include extended sidewalks, brickwork, display areas, and district logos in the building.

Wiebers also talked about work at the Litton Ag Center.

The final project is at Grand River Technical School.

Wiebers says he is happy to report the total out of pocket expense on these projects for the district is $1,000.

The Driveway project is on hold due to the weather and will be completed as soon as possible.  The District office project is expected to be complete by the end of April.

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