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2021 Chillicothe Hall Of Fame

The 2021 Livingston County Preservation Society’s Chillicothe Hall of Fame inductee is R. Warren Roberts.  Roberts was an architect who designed many buildings in Chillicothe and across Missouri, including the Livingston County courthouse in 1914, Dr. Grace’s building at Washington and Clay Streets, the Adams Automobile and Supply Company, often referred to as the Montgomery Wards building, and Chillicothe City Hall in 1925.

The Livingston County Preservation Society is seeking a sponsor for Roberts’ exhibit piece: a special 3D crystal with a picture inside mounted on a board with a 2-page biography. The sponsor’s name will be incorporated into the exhibit piece.

The Chillicothe Hall of Fame is currently on display at the Sliced Bread Innovation Center at 100 Elm Street.