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Carrollton Man Arrested For Speeds Near Twice The Limit

A Carrollton man was arrested by Livingston County Sheriff’s Deputies following reports of a vehicle on US 65 heading towards Chillicothe at a very high rate of speed.  Sheriff Steve Cox says, at about 5:45 am, an off-duty Carroll County officer reported the man driving in a “Careless and Imprudent” manner, while headed north.  A deputy checked the vehicle at 119 in a 60 zone near the Grand River Bridge at about 5:55.

The Deputy located the vehicle at the convenience store near US 36 and 65.

The investigation resulted in the arrest of 21-year-old Cole Smith of Carrollton for alleged 119 in a 60 zone.  Smith was taken to the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department and processed.

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