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Chillicothe City Council Approves Land Lease, Vacating An Alley & Land Purchase

The Chillicothe City Council took action on several property-related items Monday.

The alley on Church Street, east of Leeper, was vacated by the Chillicothe City Council following no comments from the public and two supporting comments from the council.  The property owned on both sides of the alley is Rhodes Repair and they want to vacate the alley to expand the building on the property.

The property from the alley will be turned over to the owners of the property on both sides.

Rhodes has plans to possibly combine the two lots legally in the future.

The ordinance was approved on a vote of 5-0.


The City Council approved the purchase of 7 acres of land at 21 Mitchell Avenue (right), for $100,650.  The land is part of the expansion of the Chillicothe Industrial Park to the north.  The triangular piece of property is south of the solar park and along the north side of the railroad, near the Street Department.


The Farm Land Lease for the Industrial Park located south of US 36 near the railroad was approved by the Chillicothe City Council.  The ordinance awards the bid to James C Acree for a total of $226.25 per acre for 137 acres. ($30,996.25).

The lease would not affect a real estate deal that is in the works for the City as the owner of the other property is also leasing the land and they would keep the proceeds of the leases that are in place at the time any transaction is finalized.