Marshall beats Hornets Tennis

The Chillicothe Hornets lost their second match of the season. They were shut out 9-0 by a traditionally good program, the Marshal Owls.
For the Hornets Doubles teams:
Chace Corbin and Gabe Peterson lost 3-8
Caleb Corbin and Carter Allen lost 0-8
Emmett Young and Shayden Hawkins lost 0-8
In singles matches
Chace Corbin lost 6-8
Caleb Corbin lost 2-8
Carter Allen lost 0-8
Gabe Peterson lost 1-8
Emmett Young lost 0-8
and Shayden Hawkins lost 0-8.
In the Junior Varsity competition, Hornets Freshmen doubles team of Anthony Trantham and Austin Lyford lost 1-6 and 4-6.

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