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Pryor Selected As Part Of New MDC Canine Unit

The Missouri Department of Conservation is working to launch a Canine unit this summer as part of their Protection Branch.  The Canine program will consist of five officers and their dogs, who will assist in evidence recovery, wildlife trafficking, and public outreach programs.  The MDC says another rapidly growing use of canines is in the field of endangered and invasive species.

The MDC selected retriever-style dog breeds for the program.  This includes three Labrador Retrievers and two German Shorthaired Pointers. The dogs will be used for a variety of enforcement investigations, such as evidence recovery and wildlife trafficking. They will also be used in public outreach programs at fairs and schools.

Livingston County Conservation Agent Caleb Pryor will represent the Northwest region and is reamed with a Pointer, Zara.  Pryor and the other four agents and dogs worked with the Indiana DNR and their nine-week canine training program.

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