Preseason Sports Shows Begin Monday 8/16/21

A long-time KCHI Sports tradition continues on Monday. The Annual Fall Hornets Sports Shows return for Monday through Thursday for the next two weeks.
Each day, KCHI Sports Director Randy Dean will talk with a Fall Hornet Sports head coach.
Monday’s guest will be new Football Head Coach Chad Smith, Tuesday will be Volleyball Coach Bob Long, Wednesday is Boys Soccer Coach Tim Cunningham and Thursday is Girls Golf Coach Darren Smith.
Guests in Week Two include Cross Country Coach Jennifer Dickson on Monday the 23rd, Girls Tennis Coach Karen Jackson on the 24th and Softball Coach Lee Rucker on Wednesday the 25. On the final show on Thursday the 26th, each of the seven Head Coaches will talk about how the Midland Empire Conference race will look for their respective sports.
The shows will be aired at 8:30 am and will be rebroadcast the same night at 6:00 pm.

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