Deputies Transport Several To Department Of Corrections

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department has transported several detainees to the Missouri Department of Corrections following sentencing.  They include:

49-year-old Loutinia Owens of KC, MO – sentenced to 3 years DOC – 120-day program for a Probation Violation – Failure to Appear.

26-year-old Detrii D. Hyatt of Chillicothe, sentenced to 4 years DOC for Probation Violation – Possession Controlled Substance.

41-year-old Greg B. Ortega of St. Peter, MN, sentenced to a total of six years in prison.  That includes 6 years for Burglary; 30 days for Property Damage; a fine for Trespassing; and 6 years for Possession of a Controlled Substance.  The sentences are to run concurrent.

18-year-old John M. Goodwin of Chillicothe, 5 years on a Probation Violation – Stealing.

22-year-old Cameron Tuttle of Chillicothe, 5 years for Tampering First Degree.

33-year-old Brandon Simpson of Chillicothe – 7 years for Possession of a Controlled Substance.

56-year-old Jeffrey Piearcy of Chillicothe, sentenced to 5 years for a Probation Violation – Possession of a Controlled Substance.

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