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Halloween is a fun time for the kids, but for pets, it can be a confusing time.  Leslie from the Chillicothe Animal Shelter provided a few Halloween Pet Safety Tips…

Leave them at home…  While the children are running around screaming, dressed oddly, crying, candy falling, and general chaos, your pet can be calm and safe.

Don’t force a costume…  some pets may not mind, but many will fight them.  Don’t add stress on a crazy day.

Keep them secure…  make sure they have their collar or harness on, with tags attached just in case they get out, but try to keep them in the house.  That means to latch the doggie door and make sure the person passing out candy pays extra attention.

Finally…  NO CANDY…  remember, candy can contain hidden dangers for animals.  Chocolate is toxic and other candies can easily obstruct breathing.