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Sullivan County Audit

The State of Missouri completed the audit for Sullivan County.  The report shows findings in six areas.

Prosecuting Attorney’s Controls and Procedures –

The auditor is recommending: segregation of duties for accounting, disbursement procedures for restitution, timely bank reconciliations, timely deposit procedures.  Some of these had been reported in earlier audits.

Public Administrator’s Controls and Procedures –

The auditor recommends completing annual settlements in a timely manner and bank reconciliations for the client accounts in the check register.

Property Tax System

The auditor recommends the County Clerk and County Commission review the account book with the County Collector.

Electronic Data Security –

The auditor recommends procedures be implemented for regular password changes, computer access controls, and data back-up.

Sunshine Law –

The auditor recommends minutes for all County Commission meetings need to be recorded and retained.

Electronic Communication Policy –

The auditor recommends developing written records management and retention policies to address electronic communications management and retention.

The county is working to comply with the recommendations from the State Auditor’s office.

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