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Black Says Several Road Projects Are Planned

As we get ready for a new year, 7th District State Representative Rusty Black says there are several road and bridge projects that are set to begin over the next two years.  He says for the 2022 projects, with the exception of the “Safety Improvements” on Highway 6, the projects are already under contract.  These are called STRIP and FARM Projects.

  1. To be built in 2022.
    1. Grundy/Sullivan 6 – scrub seal from Trenton to 5 south of Milan and from 5 north of Milan to Green Castle
    2. Grundy 6 – safety improvement – left turn lanes on 6 west of Trenton at W and 30th Ave.
    3. Grundy 65 – low slump bridge over 6 (new wearing surface to extend life of structure)
    4. Livingston 36 – low slump bridge over Blackwell Creek, 1.2 miles east of 65 (new wearing surface to extend life of structure)
    5. Livingston 36 – resurface eastbound lanes from route C to Parsons Creek (near Meadville) and westbound lanes from Coon Creek (west of 65) to Parsons Creek.
    6. Livingston/Linn 36 – safety improvement – high friction surface treatment on curves at Wheeling and Marceline.
    7. Linn B – FARM bridge replacement over Smokey Branch (currently under construction)
    8. Linn C – FARM bridge replacement over West Yellow Creek
    9. Linn 139 – FARM bridge replacement over Lewis Creek
  2. To be built in 2023 – these projects have future letting dates that will likely place them in construction in 2023.
    1. Grundy W – bridge replacements over Hickory and Wolf Creeks
    2. Livingston 36 – resurface westbound lanes from Coon Creek, west of 65, to Caldwell County
    3. Livingston C – replace truss bridge over Shoal Creek north of Dawn (June 2022 letting could allow late season construction in 2022)
    4. Livingston sidewalk work in Chula, Ludlow, and Wheeling as needed
    5. Linn WW – FARM bridge replacement over Van Dorsen Creek
    6. Linn sidewalks in Purdin and Browning as needed
    7. Linn 5 – resurface from 36 to Chariton County
  3. Beyond 2023 construction season.
    1. Livingston 65 – resurface from 36 to Carrollton.



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