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Grundy Electric Approved For Galt Electric Territory

The changes to the Territorial Agreement for Galt was approved by the Missouri Public Service Commission.  The agreement will allow Grundy County Electric (Grundy) to purchase Galt’s electric facilities and provide electric service to 114 electric service locations in Grundy County. The agreement requires the transfer of all of Galt’s facilities and customers from Galt to Grundy.

The Commission stated “It is the Commission’s decision that the requested change of suppliers for Galt’s customers from Galt to Grundy is in the public interest for a reason other than a rate differential.”  They went on to say “It is also the Commission’s decision that the territorial agreement is not detrimental to the public interest. The Commission will approve the territorial agreement and the parties’ joint request that Grundy be the exclusive electric service provider for all territory within Galt’s corporate boundaries and all Galt’s customers’ structures within those boundaries.”